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Dec 16, 2021

Join Alex & Brit as they discuss their 22 for 2022 lists -- an alternative approach to traditional New Year's Resolutions. These lists encapsulate the goals they aim to accomplish within the next year guided through the lens of financial wellness and meaningful community involvement. They'll provide highlights from their own personal lists while offering insights on how to overcome potential obstacles and maintain acccountability throughout the year. Join us as we challenge YOU to create your own list of 22 things you want to get done in the next year!

*Note: This episode is inspired by the Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast. For more information and to download a PDF to fill out your own 22 for 2022 list visit:

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To learn more about sustainable solutions for in-home goods (...and wool dryer balls) visit Nudge Eco Store:

To learn more about e-books and audiobooks that may be available through your local public library check out the Libby app:

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