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Dec 1, 2022

Join Alex, Brit & SAFE's AVP, Enterprise Risk Management David Techau, for an episode focused on helping YOU prevent fraud and stay safe! On part 2 of this double-episode of the Perfect Cents Podcast our co-hosts chat with David about common check scams and potential warning signs you can look out for to protect your finances, identity and other personal information from would-be fraudsters . Additionally, they discuss simple strategies you can use to protect yourself from falling prey to sneaky scams. Tune in and find out how you can improve your current fraud prevention practices and keep yourself protected when receiving unsolicited communications or urgent requests for money... because taking preventative steps to keep your personal and financial information safe from scammers, just makes Perfect Cents!

To check out some of the resources highlighted in this episode visit the links below.

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SAFE Beyond Everyday Banking (blog) - Why Do I Have to Wait for My Check to Clear?

What to Know About Credit Freezes and Fraud Alerts - Federal Trade Commission

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