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Apr 6, 2023

April is Financial Literacy Month and the Perfect Cents Podcast team is here to highlight all the exciting things SAFE Credit Union is doing to celebrate! Join Alex, Brit, Miriam and Savannah as they share progress updates on their individual debt payoff journies and discuss the many ways SAFE is increasing access to Financial Education for our entire community. Whether YOU are attending one of our newly updated webinars, reading our financial education blogs, or cheering on the official launch of SAFE's Budget Cents program for High School students in the Greater Sacramento region, there are so many ways to get involved... because sharing the gift of financial literacy just makes Perfect Cents!

To check out some of the resources highlighted in this episode visit the links below.

Investopedia | Financial Literacy: What It Is, and Why It Is So Important

KCRA 3 | Bill would require California high school students to take personal finance class

California Department of Education | State Funds for Financial Literacy and Funds to Train 1000 Teachers

Beyond Everyday Banking Blog (SAFE) | Why We Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

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